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2017 Term Schedule


Summer Holiday break: Tuesday 15th December to Thursday 28th January 


Term 1: (Except public holidays)

Monday 30 January to Saturday 8 April 2017  (10 weeks)

Term 2:

Monday 24 April to Saturday 1 July 2017 (9 1/2 weeks)

Term 3:

Monday 17 July to Saturday 23 September 2017 (10 weeks)

Term 4:

Monday 9 October to Saturday 16 December 2017 (10 weeks)

(Except Public Holidays)

Important Dates - 2017


Term 1:

Free Violin Trial Experience Class

Saturday 1 April from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Booking information:



Term 2: 

1. AMEB 1st Metropolitan Exam -4th May 2017

Best wishes to all students who are participating in the upcoming piano exams.

2. School Fete Face painting for Shepherd Centre 20th May at 10:30 am – 1:30 pm  

3. Musical Morning Tea July 10th @Top RYDE Library


Term 3 

School Annual Concert 2017 (TBC) 



School Annual Concert 2017


Annual School Concert :

Saturday September 12th 2015 (St Annes Anglican Church Auditorium)

Registration and tickets will be available from the following link from Sunday 12th July.

School Annual Concert 2015 Tickets

Registration Facebook Page


Term 1 2018 Enrollments and Timetable

Exciting news!!! Enrollment for 2018 is now open! We appreciate for your support always. To assist smooth enrollment process,  here is the procedure to secure your placements.

Some important things to remember are :

  • All existing ISM students are automatically enrolled into the next term unless the usual 4 weeks’ written notice is given to the office via email.
  • 2018 Fee: Jitterbugs $14.00/30 min; Beebopper $19.00/45 min; Pianorama (Junior/Primary) $25.00/45 min; Intermediate $27.00/45 min; Extension $36.00/60 min; Private lesson is also available on request for suitable candidates.
  • A discounted rate for Term 1 fee will be offered to those who wish to pay by Friday 29th December 2017. For details please see your invoice.
  • Existing students will be allocated to a set class time for 2018 according to their day preferences. Make sure to submit the re-enrollment form on time. The timetable for 2018 will be available on request in class in Term 4 Week 9 and will be issued along with the Term 1 invoice. Stay Tune!!
  • Open days (Invite your friends to join us for fun):

Day 1  Saturday 2nd December 2:00 am-4:00 pm Christmas Party

Day 2  Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 9:30 am – 12:00 pm;    

To formally enroll for Term 1 2018

An invoice will be emailed to you in week 8 (2/12) of Term 4 for Term 1, 2018 based on your confirmation of allocated class. To secure your spot for 2018, a full payment is payable by the indicated due date on the invoice, otherwise, the spot will not be held.

Please confirm we have your current updated email address. The Term 1, 2018 timetable will be also on display in the school by the end of Term 4 for parents to confirm the times we are requesting.


Where does my child graduate to in 2018?

  • Pianorama Junior (45 mins) 5 year old Kindergarten children will need an after school time. We will place you on the timetable or please discuss with the director to find a mutually convenient time.
  • All existing afternoon Pianorama classes will be moved to a later time to accommodate the younger children graduating from the morning. Classes that are too small will be amalgamated.
  • Extension students who will graduate the course will move to individual lessons and can learn for fun or aim for an examination.
  • Any queries about timetable for 2018 and regarding your child’s progression in the course can be forward via email or phone to the school Director. Please contact the school Director as soon as possible to discuss things in person if you cannot make the suggested times.


Notice Board

Congratulations to the following students :


2017 Junior Festival Burwood 

Christopher Mok

Elementary section:  1st Place


2017 2nd Metropolitan:

High Distinctions: (A+)

*William Nguyen (3rd Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Amelia Blad ( Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Russell Wen ( 2nd Grade Piano For Leisure)

Honours: (A)

*Isabella Joyce Ye (6th Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Valerie Nguyen (4th Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Sunny Yang (3rd Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Angus Burton (Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Karyse Phylicia Chan (Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Justin Kovara (Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)


2016 2nd Metropolitan: 

High Distinction: ( A+)

*Alicia Tang  (Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)

*Fedor- Henri Guerro (Preliminary Grade Piano For Leisure)


2015 1st Metropolitan:

High Distinctions: (A+)

  • Zachary Chan
  • Aniruddh Nair


  • Alisha Bee Luong
  • Angelos Kathreptakis
  • Isabella Ye

2014 2nd Metropolitan :

High Distinctions: (A+)

  • Larisa Cronin
  • Aniruddh Nair – 2nd Grade Piano for Leisure


  • Raymond Yu
  • Isablle Ye
  • Vicky Ma
  • Hannah Jamal
  • Anastasia Frolov

2014 1st Metropolitan :

High Distinctions: (A+)

  • Zachary Chan
  • Harrison Buckley
  • Adrian Samimi

Honours: (A)

  • Hannah Arthurs

2013 1st Metropolitan :

High Distinctions:

  • Jenny Pang – 7th Grade Piano for Leisure
  • Raymond Yu – 4th Grade Piano


  • Jack Bewsher – 8th Grade Piano
  • Nicholas Mok – 5th Grade Piano
  • Aniruddh Nair – 1st Grade Piano for Leisure