ISM Ryde Terms & Conditions


Absentee Policy

We do not credit or refund lessons unless the teacher is absent. Where possible, we may be able to arrange a catch up lesson if prior notification has been given and there is a class at a similar level. Please note our classes run with the public school term, and we do not hold classes on public holidays.


Your invoice will be sent or emailed out to you upon receiving this form. All fees are expected to be paid by the given due date on your invoice to avoid the 10% late fee. Any books or CDs will need to be paid for upon receiving them. Preferred method of payment is internet banking (EFT). Details for internet banking will be on your invoice. Please use invoice number as the payment reference and send us a copy of the remittance once the payment has been finalized.

Classroom Policies

No siblings are allowed in Pianorama classes where students are 5 years of age and over. We ask for no talking during classes and mobile phones on silent please. Where there are three or less in a class, a 45-minute class may be shortened to 30-35 minutes.


  • Please remove all shoes before entering the classroom.
  • Students must be picked up at the time their lesson finishes.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child behaves in class.
  • ISM teachers take all reasonable care to ensure their students are safely supervised in class, but cannot be held responsible for any incident that may occur in the classroom.
  • ISM does not accept any liability for any loss of personal property on the schools premises; however, any lost property will be held until the end of each term.
  • Food and Drink are not permitted inside the classroom with the except of water bottles. These however, must be kept well away from the pianos or other electrical equipment.